IoT Data Plans and SIMs for Effortless Connectivity

Launch your IoT product fast with IoT data plans. Get up to 1,000 SIMs all sharing the same data plan.*

Need to build your IoT prototype? Get the AT&T IoT Starter Kit.

Connect and Deploy IoT Devices

  • Connect

    Connect up to 1,000 devices with a single data plan on the AT&T LTE cellular network for greater reliability, security, and mobility.

  • Deploy

    Deploy IoT products fast, with ease, and at low cost. No negotiations, long-term.

  • Commercial-Grade

    Commercial-grade connectivity whether your IoT devices are prototypes or in production.

Manage and Scale IoT Operations

  • Monitor

    Monitor data usage and control SIMs in one place, in real-time.

  • Data Plans

    Prepaid monthly data plans and on-demand SIMs enable you to scale your IoT operations to meet requirements.

  • Renew

    Automatically renew your data when it runs out or after your term ends.

Get Started

To get started, pick a plan that fits you best. You can share the plan across all SIMs on your account.

You will need to create an account to proceed.

Not Just Data Plans and SIMs

AT&T IoT Data Plans and SIMs come with the services you need to deploy, manage, and scale your IoT projects from prototype to production.

Build Intelligent, Enterprise Grade Connected Device Solutions.

Manage devices, create workflows, and visualize data for your IoT product or service with AT&T M2X.

Design, Build and Deploy IoT Solutions in Minutes.

Prototype, build, and host IoT applications with AT&T Flow.

AT&T Control Center

Manage Your Business with AT&T Control Center.

Launch, manage, and scale your connected device business or enterprise deployment from AT&T Control Center.

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Matt Wopata - Product Manager, Industrial Data Gateways

Niko Crosetti - VP & COO

Michael DuPree - Director

Matt Wopata - Product Manager, Industrial Data Gateways

Niko Crosetti - VP & COO

Ready for Enterprise

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