When will I get billed for a data plan (1GB, 3GB and 5GB)?

You will get billed for your data plan when you first select the plan and with autorenew you will be billed once your account balance reaches 200MB on your current data plan or your plan term expires.

What happens once I reach the term expiration of the data plan?

If autorenew is turned on, your credit card will be charged on term expiration and you will receive a new bucket of data based on your selection. If autorenew is not turned on, you will lose data access on account expiration.

How will I be billed for the $1 monthly fee on a per SIM basis?

You will be billed $1 for each SIM that was in an active session at any point during the previous month or currently in an active state.

Do I have the ability to turn off autorenew?

Yes, you have the ability to turn off autorenew within your account settings at any time.

I am no longer using data on a SIM. Can I stop getting charged the monthly fee and pause my device?

Yes, you can pause those SIMs from within the dashboard. After you’ve logged in, you should see the list of your devices. Click on the device you want to pause and select “Deactivated” on the SIM Status dropdown. This will stop data being sent to and from the SIMs. SIMs can be reactivated in the future. You will still be charged for any data previously used that month.

Can I reactivate a deactivated SIM?

Yes, you can reactivate a deactivated SIM by going to the dashboard, selecting the SIM and reactivating it. Currently, there is no monthly fee for deactivating SIMs.

I have a SIM that is active but did not send any data, will I be charged a MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) for this SIM?

You will be charged the $1 MRC per SIM if the SIM was registered as active.

What happens to my SIMs when I run out of data and I do not have autorenew turned on?

Once your data plan is exhausted, your SIMs will be moved to a deactivated state. At a later point, if you buy an additional data plan, ALL your SIMs will be moved to an activated state ready to send data.

How many SIMs can I have on my account?

You can have up to 1,000 SIMs on a single account.

Can I have more than one data plan on a single account?

No, you are limited to only one data plan per account.

What are some of the benefits of utilizing the IoT data plans from AT&T?

You get a world class network to support your development project. You also have the ability to leverage our RESTful API’s to build your products and have access to M2X and Flow via AT&T’s IoT platform. You get a choice of several data plans to choose from and the ability to expand your development testing up to a 1,000 SIMs.

What are the term periods to utilize the data plans?

For the 1GB and 3GB data plans you get up to 12 months of service every time you are autorenewed and with the 5GB data plan you get up to 24 months of service every time you are autorenewed.

What is needed to set up the SIM?

Unlike a consumer device, IoT devices do not automatically configure themselves for connectivity to the network and instead, will need to be properly configured.

Your device may have come pre-configured with a consumer APN that will not work with these SIMs. In order to establish a successful data connection, when you test your device with the SIMs, please be certain to set your device’s APN name to m2m.com.attz.

No username or password is typically required.

This setting can typically be found in your device’s connection software or network details. If you are unable to set the APN on your device, please contact the device manufacturer for details on how to set an APN on your specific device.

Do I need to buy or already have an IoT Starter kit to be able to use the IoT data plans?

No, if you have an approved device for use on the AT&T network then you can use that to connect your SIMs to the network.

Where can I use my IoT data plans and SIMs?

Your IoT data plans are only available to be utilized within the US and on the AT&T network.

How does SMS work with the SIM?

AT&T Control Center SIMs can only send and receive SMS messages from other AT&T Control Center SIMs, directly from the AT&T Control Center platform, or through the various SMS APIs available.

Except in the very unlikely event you have an AT&T Control Center SIM in your phone, you will not be able to SMS between your phone and your device.

Can I send an SMS to the device?

Yes, but maybe not like you’re thinking. The SIMs are on a network dedicated to IoT devices, though it uses the same cellular infrastructure as regular cell phones. They do not have a phone number your can send a text to from your cell phone. You can, however, send an SMS using the RESTful API.

Do I need to activate the IoT data plan SIMs within AT&T Control Center once I get them?

No, your SIMs come ready to use and once you place them into your device they should hit the AT&T network and start transmitting data.

How do I activate my SIMs?

Add the SIM to your Dashboard using the blue + button, then change the SIM Status from “Test Ready” to “Activated”.

How many SMS come with my data plan?

You can send 300 SMS with the Starter Kit SIMs (for any of the kits). Each of the IoT Data Plans have different SMS levels.

How many MB are in a GB?

For our IoT data plans, 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1024 megabytes (MB). 3 GB = 3072 MB and 5 GB = 5120 MB.

What configuration do I need on my device?

The only configuration you need to set on your device is the APN, which should be “m2m.com.attz”. It does not require a user name, password, or port.

Can I access my device remotely?

For the IoT Starter Kit and most devices, the answer is no. For more complex devices you could set up your own VPN tunnel, but we do not provide instructions on this. Each device is given a point-to-point private and dynamic IP address, which allows it to communicate with services on the Internet, but not the other way around.

Will this work with my device?

Check the listing of devices here. If it’s not listed, but the device claims it’s certified on our network, it probably is. To make sure you can consult the listed frequencies and bands and the device documentation. It must have the band as well as the frequency and will typically have several frequencies and bands. No 2G device will work our AT&T’s network any longer.

TechnologyFrequency (Mhz)Bands
3G/4G HSPA/HSPA+8505
3G/4G HSPA/HSPA+19002
LTE70012, 17, or 29

How can I tell how much data I’ve used?

Use the RESTful API to determine usage.